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SS8-Emerging technologies and applications for smart city development

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Smart Cities are transforming our urban life with digital technologies, offering new citizen-centric public services. With the evolution of technology, people are migrating from rural areas to cities for better employment, healthcare, education and for amenities. Rapid urbanization poses environment and social concerns. Smart city concept will manage the problems associated with urbanization. The special session will invite the papers from policy makers and public administrators, academics and business corporations, research and professional institutions, industry leaders and startups to support the transformation of our cities towards the provision of better living conditions. To this aim, the integration of ICT, sensors and data analytics over different systems and infrastructures of a city is necessary.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Smart transportation and parking : Transportation to improve quality of life
  • Blending New Tech & Aging Infra in Smart Cities
  • Cyber security infrastructure Development
  • Smart Energy & Power infra
  • Environmental monitoring and waste management
  • Health sector in Smart Cities
  • Smart infrastructure for Education
  • Infra for Construction and logistics.
  • IoT applications and communications networks for enabling the Smarter City
  • Smart Economy and Transformation
  • Block chain Technology for smart cities
  • Federation of Services (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) aimed at Public Administrations
  • Software engineering methodology for the design of Smart Cities Systems
  • ICT applications enabling Energy-aware, smart and sustainable mobility solutions for Smart Cities

Special Session Editors
1) Dr MA.Jabbar, Professor and Centre Head, centre for data science Vardhaman College of Engineering Hyderabad, India SMIEEE, Member, Machine Intelligence Laboratory, USA
2) Dr Rajanikanth A, Head of Department Computer Science and Engieering Vardhaman College of Engineering Hyderabad, India
3) Dr. K MVV PRASAD, Associate Professor Department of Electronics & Communications Sreyas Institute of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad

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