Special Sessions

SS7-Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Augumented Reality and Virtual Reality

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Guest Editors:
1. Dr. Sujata N. Kale, Associate Professor, Applied Electronics, SGBAU, Amravati , MS
2. Prof. Hemant Kasturiwale, Thakur College of Engineering and Technology, Mumbai, India
3. Dr. Lochan Jolley , Professor , Thakur college of Engineering and Technology, Mumbai

The necessity for in real time processing is exponentially increasing in almost all practical applications. Advancement in computing techniques have been in forefront in bringing researchers, scientists, industries in the areas of Telecommunication engineering, satellite communication, manufacturing and operation of telecommunication devices. Augmented and Virtual Reality is a rapidly evolving field, ready to take on the world in unimaginable ways. It is bound to create an all-pervasive and highly immersive experience, spreading it tentacles in all possible domains, in all possible ways – be it teaching, learning, driving, flying an aircraft, touristic activities, maintenance of machines, or in any field. AR/VR enhance the real-world environment where the objects residing in the real world are augmented by computer-generated perceptual information and where a make-belief world is created when none exists in physical form, depending upon its requirement and purpose.
This special issue is devoted to augmented reality and virtual reality and applications.

Scope: The scope of this issue includes, but not limited to,
a) Scope :
  • Artificial neural networks, speech recognition
  • Machine learning and applications
  • Classification and interpretations of signals and images
  • Displays, sensors in ARVR
  • Sound, Graphics for VR system
  • Real Time applications of AR/VR in different industries
  • Understanding the challenges in AR/VR
  • Working with software library and platforms
  • Development environment in AR/VR
  • Building Mobile Application
  • Understanding the HMDs (Head Mounted Display)
  • The development of AR/VR products
  • CAVE atmosphere for development
  • Scope in Entertainment industry

b) Application areas:
Medical applications
  • Business and Manufacturing.
  • Product development
  • Business education
  • Marketing

Important Dates:
Deadline for submission: refer ICSTCEE 2020
Submission Procedure:
Kindly follow the guidelines given conference website for submission and manuscript preparation. For any queries, contact the guest editor.
Important Instruction:
To be appropriately identified, submissions for this special issue must include “Special Issue: RAIARVR” in the title of the submission.

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