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SS32: Intelligent Computing Systems

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Intelligent Computing Systems explores emerging scientific and technological areas in which provide efficient solutions and to demonstrates how Intelligent Computing Systems make use of computational methodologies to address real world problems of high complexity for which exact mathematical solutions, based on physical and statistical modeling, are intractable.Common intelligent computational methodologies are presented including artificial neural networks, evolutionary computation, genetic algorithms, artificial immune systems, fuzzy logic, swarm intelligence, artificial life, virtual worlds and hybrid methodologies based on combinations of the previous. The Special session will be useful to researchers, practitioners and graduate students dealing with mathematically-intractable problems intended for both the expert/researcher in the field of Intelligent Computing Systems and its applications and attempts to create a platform to foster new ideas and technical insights in the design and analysis of emerging intelligent computing systems and their scientific, engineering, and commercial applications. The major aim of this special issue will be to achieve a multi-disciplinary balance between research advancements in theories and methods associated with Intelligent Computing Systems and is devoted to address the research areas that deepen the understanding of logical, cognitive, and computational foundations of the future perspectives and exploring the most essential issues and innovations in advanced computing, Intelligent modeling and smart applications. This special session presents original research and technological development for addressing real and complex issues related to society and technology. A research area for this special session includes but not limited to:

  • Intelligent Computing, Communication and Devices.
  • Computational Intelligence in Image Processing.
  • Computational Intelligence in Data Mining
  • Innovations in Intelligent Machines
  • Machine Learning Paradigms.
  • Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services in Practice
  • Human-centric Computing
  • Agents and Multi-agent Systems
  • Context-aware pervasive systems
  • Bioinformatics and Bio-Inspired Computing

  • Session Chair(s):

    Dr.A.Jayanthiladevi, Srinivas University, Karnataka, India
    Dr.Ved P Mishra, Amity University,Dubai,UAE
    Dr.T.P.Latchoumi, VFSTR (Deemed to be University),Andhra Pradesh,India

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