Special Sessions

SS1-Design Issues and Security vulnerabilities in Information Communication Technology

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Session Chair/ Session Organizers:
1. Bharat Bhushan, PhD (Thesis Submitted): BIT Mesra, Assistant Professor: HMRITM, Delhi.
2. Nikhil Sharma, Assistant Professor: HMRITM, Delhi.

Details of Proposed Session
With the advent of Wireless technology and Internet of Things (IoT) networking, enormous amount of data is being generated which needs to be optimized using various learning and statistical algorithms. Security and privacy of data has been a major concern from decades. However, spontaneous growth of internet and the development of sophisticated methods have made this concern even serious. Information security is of utmost importance for every business as data is the most valuable commodity in today’s world. Issues related to data security in wireless communication, IoT networking, infrastructure and private networks are severely critical in today’s world and needs to be handled using robust and intelligent approach. This special session will not only focus on recent trends and developments at globally competitive environment but will also provide future directions to industry personnel’s and researchers. It covers all aspects related to wireless communication, IoT networks, soft computing techniques and machine learning. This special session welcomes unpublished research articles from researchers in academia and industry such as students, engineers, research scholars and scientists.

This special session presents original research and technological development for addressing real and complex issues related to society and technology.

A research area for this special session includes but not limited to:

1. Wireless Sensor Networks: Architecture, Security challenges and protocols
2. Artificial intelligence and applications
3. Big data analytics
4. Internet of Things (IoT) networking and communications
5. Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies
6. 5G networks and security paradigms
7. Signal and Image processing
8. Security based Pattern recognition
9. Soft Computation techniques
10. Deep learning and its applications
11. Machine learning and its applications

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